Christine & Alex – Marias Love Point Bed & Breakfast Rehersal- Annapolis Marina Dinner

I just want to start off this post by proclaiming my love for Christine and Alex, lol.   They are genuine, and they are the real deal.

We started off the rehearsal at Maria’s Love Point Bed & Breakfast in Kent Island on Friday evening.  I was really impressed with the entire property.  Driving down the long gravel driveway and breathing in the Bay air, you are immediately relaxed and put the traffic on the Bay Bridge out of mind.   Greeted by property owner Ed, he gave me a quick grand tour and few pointers for the wedding day.  After a successful rehearsal, we headed back over the bridge to Bay Ridge Marina in Annapolis.   The decor was beautiful, and the food was delicious.  Christine & Alex have an abundance of wonderful family and friends and I hope everyone enjoys their pictures.  I am giddy over the wedding images and can’t wait to share those when they are ready.

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